About Us

The pursuit of romance is an aspect of humanity that has been around forever. The search for love and companionship is as alive and thriving today as it always has been, but the logistics of the act have drastically changed. We still want romance, and we still want relationships, we just go about getting and maintaining them in different ways.

Swipe is a quarterly magazine that explores the evolution and intricacies of contemporary relationships and modern love. Love is universal and has no demographic, so neither does Swipe. As attitudes and social norms shift and become more open, people are challenging what is considered normal and acceptable in regards to love and sex. These are often taboo topics that are rarely explored, and this is exactly what we wish to do at Swipe. We want to tell the stories of those whose relationships deviate from the norm. Furthermore, we wish to promote understanding of these people; social convention is only challenged when a dialogue begins.

One aspect that Swipe will focus on is technology. In the digital age, computers and the Internet are coming to define how we live. Relationships are no exception. From dating sites to cutting edge apps, the web is changing how we connect and engage with love.

We are at the precipice of a change in society. New technology and attitudes have given us new possibilities, but there is very little comprehensive understanding of modern love. Swipe hopes to provide that understanding, and create an avenue where every facet of modern relationships is unearthed.